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There are TWO ways we can work with you so two types of investment. We have a DIY program where you “Do It Yourself” and learn the process to finding products, suppliers, branding and launching on Amazon. Alternatively, we have another program that we do the launch for you. Check out our free training here guiding you through some steps, product ideas and what each program includes. Click here >>>>

This will come down to you. This is your business and you get out what you put in! We have had students launch products in 35 days or less and some take a little longer so it comes down to how much action to take. We are all about action! We give product ideas out weekly, we have coaching calls weekly, we LIVE stream almost daily so we’ll kick you up the butt if you need one! Just let us know. Take action and start selling.

Once you’ve chosen your product and decided on it (with the help of our training) the process to finding a supplier and launching it is relatively easy and fast provided you follow the training in our program.

There are no guarantees in life and in business and this is no different. Every business carries risk and everyone’s results will be different based on what they do. Amazon is a great platform to easily start a business and the cost of starting a business is significantly less than a typical business in Australia so the risk is certainly much lower! We’ve had students (quite a few) launch their first products on Amazon on less than $1000 (some even less than $500). There is no other business out there that you can start (as far as I know) that enables you to reach awesome customers, sell incredible products and have start up capital as low as $500.

This will come down to the product that you choose. We’ve had clients start on capital of $350, $500 and many on less than $1000. It depends on the products that you choose. Whatever your budget there are many products out there you can launch on smallish budgets.

110%! We strive to have some insane customer service goals and every raves about our support (check out our reviews page!). Every week we do LIVE trainings (multiple) and we answer any questions you have. If you are looking for product ideas we even give those out on a weekly basis!

Yes we help you and it’s quite easy and you don’t need to speak Chinese. Most suppliers speak English.

No. Amazon doesn’t care if you’re beautiful or have a face for radio (like our founder Alexander) hehe, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, doesn’t matter if you’re not the smartest tool in the shed.. a lot of the products that sell on Amazon are very simple, boring everyday products. So you do not need to invest anything! In our program we have 80 year old students with multiple products on Amazon Australia and USA doing over five figures.

We help beginners. Most of our students have never sold online before and that’s how we like to teach our students, we start at square one and all our training is step by step.

No the course fee is not renewed every year. Once you join you enjoy lifetime access.

You can join with your partner provided that you will be working on one Amazon business. You will only need to purchase 1 membership.

We have a worldwide support team who are always happy to help. You can send your question/s to

Amazon is such a huge marketplace with over 200 million visitors a day, there are so many products you could be selling, so many different marketplaces (like Australia) and NEW products coming out of China every week.

Yes, this business is not restricted by location.

Although I use China (where I buy my products from) as an example of where to buy your products, it is only that; an example and we use it because it is by far the largest and most in- expensive place to find suppliers.

However we have students sourcing from Vietnam, Australia, India, USA, Turkey and many more!

There are no hidden costs when you join AMZ Product Launcher.

When you join our education course it will show you everything you need to know to start and launch your very own Amazon business.

Like all businesses, an Amazon business you do need to buy inventory. Depending on your products this will vary, we have had some students launch their product on $350, many on less than $500 and quite a few on less than $1000! Other students do spend more money.