Unlocking the Key to Ecommerce Fulfillment

Every customer looks forward to receiving their online order until it arrives on their doorstep. Before this happens, business owners must ensure that the e-commerce fulfillment process is smoothly running, including storing inventory, selecting and packing products, and shipping online orders. In most cases, the customer’s delivery experience will determine whether they will stay shopping at your retail or look for a better retailer. It is said that 38% of online shoppers will never shop at the same store again if they had a poor delivery experience. That is why getting the e-commerce fulfillment right unlocks the key to loyal customers and a booming business.

It all comes down to proper planning and strategy. A good e-commerce fulfillment takes note of the location, technology integrations, and fast shipping speeds. For instance, location is where you fulfill the orders, and by reducing the distance package travels or shipping zones, it will take less time in transit. Thus, appearing in your customer’s door faster.

There are several factors as to how you will make the right choice for your e-commerce fulfillment, such as your order volume, your products, and more. But knowing what’s best for your business matters the most. In choosing how you will fulfill your order, here are three common methods that might be helpful for you:

  • Do it yourself – This is the in-house fulfillment, also known as self-fulfillment, which means that you complete each step of the process without any help from a third-party logistics provider. It’s what you can imagine for any beginners in retail who pack their orders in the comfort of their homes.
  • Let others do it for you – Outsourcing a 3PL company helps handle the entire fulfillment process so that you can spend less time packing boxes and shipping orders. 3PLs have the logistical knowledge and experience to carry out many delivery situations you probably didn’t know about.
  • Let the manufacturers do it – This is otherwise called dropshipping, wherein you don’t have to hold the products on your own. No more storing, packing, and shipping. These functions are all done by the manufacturer without your full control.

Why Use an eBay Fulfillment Service?

An eBay Fulfillment Service handles the packing, storage, picking, and shipping of eBay orders. Through the help of an eBay fulfillment service, it provides wider coverage, cost savings, and faster deliveries. Dealing with the processes before shipping might be tiring and frustrating.

In this innovative generation of technology, there are services and software that are designed to help spend lesser time working and leverage eBay listings. In this sense, the process of preparing the merchandise for shipping will be convenient for sellers.

Benefits of Using eBay Fulfillment Service

  • Faster Delivery – The eBay Fulfillment providers have staff that is expert when it comes to delivery of orders, resources and skilled on how to offer customers fast delivery speeds. EBay’s fast shipping program comes with a badging highlight delivery timelines, which encourage shoppers through purchasing.
  • Wider Coverage – When it comes to coverage, an eBay Fulfillment Service must have multiple warehouse locations across the country. Adding warehouse locations increases the coverage and expands the provision of shoppers with affordable and fast shipping options.
  • Warehouse Space – Fulfillment Services can adapt to your needs, whether you need more spaces during holidays or less space over the summer season. There will be a right storage for you, and the staff will adjust to meet your needs.
  • Cost Savings – A fulfillment service can leverage it to access cheaper storage, shipping rates, packaging and passing these savings onto your business when it comes to bulk buying. This service is beneficial if you are looking forward to offering free shipping to get eBay Fast “N Free tags on listings.
  • Expertise and Quality – An eBay Fulfillment Service is an expert in delivering items safely, quickly, and cheaply. The processes are built out and time-tested. It only means that you can rely on their expertise when issues come up.

The Essentials of an FBA Prep Service

Owning a business is comprised of a million little things. Commonly, new merchants see to it they do every step of the process by themselves. Wanting to keep the costs low as possible, they will attempt to do these little things. However, during the peak of their business, it would seem impossible to individually pack 1,000 orders and more. That’s why opting for a Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) prep service would be the wiser decision to make.

FBA prep is the process of making sure your products are ready to send into Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This allows you to spend less time packing, stepping into the CEO position of expanding your business with innovative ideas. You can be the leader you want to be when you outsource your FBA prep.

You can go about it in three ways: doing it yourself, paying Amazon, or a third-party involved. Remember that FBA prep is a complex process, and you need every support and knowledge to pass Amazon’s strict guidelines. To give you some essential and helpful tips, here are some considerations you need to look out for when choosing an FBA prep service:

  • Check out the price – It’s only natural for most sellers to be concerned about the cost of getting an FBA prep service. Asking whether the service will charge you monthly or per item is the first step. Most likely, it’s ideal to pay monthly when you have large volumes of inventory, whereas the per-item charge is more suitable for low volume sellers.
  • Know the location – Let’s think strategically. Shipments in large amounts may come from China, which means you know which port it arrives at. A nearby prep center is a right choice because it saves time and trucking costs. In case you any problems, it will also be easy to send someone to the port and sort it out.
  • Evaluate their processing time – Determining how fast they can prepare your inventory is a crucial deciding factor on an FBA prep service. You can simply look up whether they have posted a 24 or 48-hour guarantee, but you can ask them if they don’t.

Advantages of Using FBA Preparation Center

We can’t deny that Amazon is home to online retailers and the powerhouse when it comes to e-commerce. Most businesses take advantage of the online shopping trend. That’s why many of them are switching to digital selling. Aside from its convenience, it is also safe for everyone to shop online, especially in times like this that people are asked to stay home due to Covid-19. However, this process needs a lot of considerations to take before finally executing.

If you want to sell on Amazon’s marketplace, it is better to figure out the preparation process first. Those online retailers who have been in the business for many years have reduced the task of shipping and delivery with the help of FBA Prep centers. It helps them free up their time and energy so they could focus more on sourcing products and growing their business.

Though the concept of selling online seems to be easy, there are so many variables involved behind it. It includes warehouse space, hiring employees, dealing with overseas suppliers, logistics support, and time management. Here are the advantages of using FBA Prep Centers:

  • Larger orders can be placed with suppliers. The prep center is able to stock up your FBA products as-needed and could ship orders you sell worldwide.
  • In FBA Preparation centers, all items are inspected and responsible with the precautionary and warning tags. They are also in charge of receiving, packaging and labeling the product.
  • Prep centers could also help in the removal or canceling of orders. They re-label, repackage, and repair or recondition items for higher resale value.

It takes professionals in e-commerce to finish all those tasks properly. Your supplier might be an expert in making and sourcing products, and you’re the expert at selling them, but without a supply chain and the help of a prep center, your team must be missing a key player.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Best FBA Prep Company

Before selling online and switching to e-commerce, there are so many things to consider first to make sure there are no threats along the way. One of those is figuring out the preparation process of the package ordered from you. Since most people are into online shopping, the rapid growth of online sellers started to arise. To step ahead of your competitors, you must take advantage of the benefits of using FBA prep centers. They do almost all the necessary and important tasks of processing your products. They provide professional service in third party logistics such as quality control, repackaging, labeling and etc. However, not all FBA prep centers offer the same services. So deciding and picking the best third-party fulfillment service for your business can be a tough decision. In order to know which company you should trust with your business, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Not every prep center accepts the removal orders since it is finely tuned processes and technology that are needed to scale. But if the FBA prep company you are talking with was able to file claims about missing, fraud, or incorrect items, and then maybe you are dealing with the right one.
  • Some FBA prep company offers customer service, but others don’t. Make sure to consider the one that your customers can reach out if ever they have questions regarding the shipment of their orders.
  • You have to talk with the FBA prep company that provides service in fixing any order issues right away. Services provide different levels of support, so make sure you have someone you can contact when you need them.
  • Make sure that the fulfillment service you outsourced is asking for the right fees. It is better to know the products you sell to know the exact cost to pay for fulfillment.

What You Should Know About FBA Prep Service

New opportunities knock on our doors every day. However, if you’re too busy sealing envelopes and packing boxes, you might miss it. It’s time to take off too much labor on your hands. On that note, Amazon is your best-helping buddy by making sure your business runs better. You have plenty of options, but it’s Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) that offers excellent wonders in dealing with your inventory and shipments. FBA prep service involves getting ready to store and to ship your products in their fulfillment centers.

For every service, there are specific rules and regulations one must follow. The FBA prep service comes with product restrictions since not all items are suitable for Amazon FBA. It includes alcoholic drinks, tires, gift certificates, batteries packaged loosely, and damaged goods. You can imagine why certain products are not allowed due to their fragility, size, or danger. Make sure that you look over their product restrictions before placing any item for FBA.

After determining the set of items, you will have to take a closer inspection of your packaging. Your FBA prep service relies heavily on the packaging, so you must follow these packaging requirements:

  • FNSKU barcodes must be unique – You have to make sure that every product corresponds to their own barcode. If you don’t know how to obtain, you can simply get in touch with your supplier. In some cases, they can’t provide with one. You have to buy it yourself.
  • Securely package footwear – None of the shoes’ material should be exposed according to Amazon. It prevents the product from any damage that might occur during the shipment.
  • Need to be assembled items will not be accepted – Remember it’s your responsibility to make sure that the products to be sold as what it says or looks like. Amazon won’t assemble the item for you. Be careful, and it might be sent back to you only.

FBA Removal Order: A Guide For Beginners

In every business, there comes a time when you face challenging situations. Sometimes, you need to have your inventory returned to you from an FBA warehouse. It typically happens when your product is not selling, and you want to avoid long-term storage fees. To have it returned, you have to submit an FBA removal order. It may sound like a huge amount of paperwork and effort, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that the FBA removal order ensures that you don’t have to waste your money.

Getting started on submitting a removal order is easy, especially if you have only ten or fewer items to return. Log in to the seller central in the Amazon website and select “Manage Inventory.” You can spot right away the option to “Create removal order.” There is a small difference if you want to remove a larger set of items like 100 to 250 products, clicking “Action on 250 selected” before proceeding to the removal order button.

It’s important to take into consideration what you want to happen to your products. Once the removal process has begun, either you can have it disposed of by Amazon with a nominal fee for each item, or Amazon will deliver it to a selected address that is not a fulfillment center either. Now, all you have to do is track your removal order. Here are some ways on how you can monitor the process:

  • Save the order ID – Upon submitting the removal order, you need to enter a custom ID or random order ID. There is also an automatic generator if you leave it blank. It will come in handy when you are checking the removal order and where it is going.
  • Double-check the details – For removal items require a sharp eye for potential mistakes. Your ship-to address must be correct or else it may end up on someone else’s doorstep. If you have to change it, go over to the seller central again and select the “Change” option.
  • Watch out for the time – While your removal order is underway, the carrier would try to contact you about the specific delivery time. They can be quite tricky since if you are not able to accept the delivery on-time, they can mark your ship-to address as incorrect. Your items will be labeled as “abandoned” and it will be disposed

Fulfillment By Merchant: How FBM Works in 2021?

Amazon has been a massive talk-of-the-town for the past years when it comes to “online selling,” creating popularity all over the world. It’s a business, on a business, in a business type of industry where tons of sellers, buyers, advertisers, and workers are in this area. Aside from knowing how to sell and buy on Amazon, several things like packaging and shipping were also included in the things seller must understand. Anyone who wants to sell can actually become an Amazon seller, but there are programs that Amazon offers that will bring benefits to every seller.

When the seller controls his/her entire handling and shipping process, service is called “Fulfillment by Merchant” or “FBM.” Sellers manage their time selling, packing, and shipping instead of paying a service fee. FBM Fulfillment means the seller is in charge of the entire process from the buyer’s purchase, shipping, and tracking until the customer receives the product. The seller uses his/her assets and sends the items directly to the buyer.

How FBM Fulfillment Works?

Once you have set up your Amazon seller account, you should start with these necessary steps for FBM:

  1. List your products on Amazon. – Make sure you have indicated all the information about your products.
  2. Sort and store your products in your own warehouses. – Your home could be your center.
  3. Ship your orders – Sellers only have 2 days to ship their products, so make sure to keep on track.

Sellers’ Responsibilities and Benefits

Choosing the Fulfillment by Merchant method is beneficial to sellers, especially when offering exclusive products from their store. This type of fulfillment helps them build the credibility of their product and their store for brand building. A plus point is sellers have the freedom to run their business as they wish to. FBM Fulfillment is a great way to start, especially when you’re starters, because you will know and understand how everything works.

Understanding Kitting Services and its Benefits

Have you ever bought a product that you still need to assemble once you received it? It’s a hassle, right? As customers, we want something that is good-to-go or seeing the products we bought as it is. We don’t want to spend time gathering all the pieces and assembling them. Who would not be annoyed when we spent money and then will spend time and effort on it? We can’t blame sellers and shippers since the items, once assembled, will be too huge or bulky on their shipping. But this is possible if you want to.

Kitting Service is a type of process that allows you to create a complete “kit” of all the products you want together. This service will enable you to have a complete kit from beginning to end and make the kit appear neat and organized. A kitting facility to support your marketing materials will help you save money and time.

The Process

  1. Storage – When you have chosen a kitting service, they will store your materials and keeping them on their site and ready to assemble. This will free up some space on your own.
  2. Kitting – You can either choose to assemble the materials on-demand or ahead of time. Once an assembly is needed, the kitting service team will gather all the materials required and compile them into kits.
  3. Packaging & Delivery – Once assembled, the kitting service can do the shipping for you, as well, or they can ship this back to you if you want so that you will be in charge of the shipping to potential customers.

The Benefits

Here are some benefits a kitting service can offer you and your organization:

  • Highly Reliable
  • Faster Assembly
  • Better Packaging
  • Organized and Efficient
  • Arranging Deliveries
  • Handles much of your Work

Kitting Services is performed by 3PL or third-party logistics and can provide many benefits to manufacturers or organizations looking to streamline their warehousing processes.

Know and How: Fulfillment Company

One of the biggest challenges of online sellers is the fulfillment of orders. Customers rate online stores depending on the time their orders were fulfilled. This includes processing and shipping. It’s a struggle for sellers to make these all on time without any mistakes, especially when receiving big orders. There are tons of fulfillment services, and choosing the right fulfillment company is where you must start.

What is a Fulfillment Company, and how does it Work?

A Fulfillment Company is an organization that helps sellers or merchants to fulfill orders through processing, packing, delivery, and other customer services. They enable online stores to outsource their order fulfillment to help their business to focus on growing and take off a little responsibility. They handle your inventory, process your orders, and do the shipping, which makes you focus on marketing, advertising, and development.

They start by receiving your inventory and sort all transactions coming in and out of your business. Once the order is processed, they will complete the integration and start packing and shipping orders. They will also process customer returns if there are any.

Why You Need a Fulfillment Company?

Some businesses choose to outsource their order processing to a fulfillment company for some reasons:

  1. To improve inventory management
  2. To increase customer satisfaction
  3. To enable swift growth
  4. To save time
  5. To focus on your priorities
  6. To save on shipping rates

How to Choose the Best Fulfillment Company?

Consider this as one of your business’s biggest decisions as it will take a considerable part of your business growth. A Fulfillment Company will be your partner in your business, so you need one who is trusted and experienced. You should check whether they have done a seamless production and delivers a flawless customer experience—moreover, the way they will provide and provide the best solution for your business needs. Fulfillment Companies are also a great way to help your business grow and not just fulfill your needs.