About Amz Product Launcher

We work exclusively with beginners looking to start a business on Amazon and achieve more freedom in their life. Sound like you? Give us a call today and let's chat!

For over a decade we have worked with thousands of students around Australia across many different types of categories, industries and products helping them make more sales, sell via Amazon and eBay, market their products online as well as launching their products on Amazon Australia and Amazon USA.

Many of the people we work with are exhausted and spent by the end of the day with no time for themselves and wanting to have more of their time with their family and more financial freedom, what is one great platform that could enable that? Amazon! You guessed it. Selling you own products on Amazon Australia and USA is a great idea to get a side business started.

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the pace of change that's sweeping the retail world and are often confused about what they need to do and how to react and stay on top to ensure their future and income survives. With Amazon slowly and silently becoming a giant in Australia it's important to start finding products and selling online.

Have no time? Too busy in your job? Not sure of the first steps? Not sure which products to sell? It's a troubling cocktail. and if it sounds familiar then you may be in the thick of it currently! but there is an answer. It's called AMZ Product Launcher. We can launch your product or products for you on Amazon Australia or USA.

We are a huge team based in Australia who take care of the Product Listing on Amazon for you and can train you quite easily how to do this yourself.